What happens when your hero really doesn’t have what it takes to be that great mage or warrior? What if they are mediocre in most arts? That their only advantage was the little bit of conjuring they could do and their small stature? That their real art was archery and stealth, but their ability to fight one on one was non-existent? What if she wasn’t the most beautiful? The strongest?

What happens when your dragon born is a bookworm? A small little magical shadow that needed more protection than most? What happens if you meet every guild in skyrim but don’t lead any of them? What happens when you aren’t born some great and powerful warrior?

This is what happens, when your hero specializes in avoiding combat until there is no other choice. This is what happens when the Divines choose someone less than perfect to be the Hero of Man. When the Daedra battle to corrupt the Dragon Slayer.

When you veer off the beaten path.


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