Lila is a former Breton Agent for House Laroche of Alcaire. She and her house were sold out and ordered to be executed. This resulted in the incident known as the Alcaire Massacre. She was seventeen when she left her home and began traveling through Hammerfell, towards Skyrim; where she was caught in an ambush meant for Ulfric Stormcloak.

Lila is now 28, and a skilled Agent. She has trained some with the companions, to learn more about combat she was never taught, but her heart is with the art of steath. She is charming and witty, and when she steps into the shadows she all but disappears. She suffers from a mental illness, caused by traumatic events of her childhood. In her time there isn’t a name for it, but we would know it as Borderline Personality Disorder.

She can be very callous if she feels threatened, but for the most part she is caring and sincere. After meeting with the Greybeards, she has taken on the role of slaying any dragon that crosses her path.

She has become a prominent member of the Theives Guild. Catching the attention of its members as one who can get in and out without being seen; completing any task that lies before her.