"You have no choice, Skjor will kill you, and if not Skjor, surely Aela." She had seen that idiot brother of his change before her eyes while she was trapped in the ruins by some trap laid by a rival group. One who sought to rid the world of the wolf blooded. 


What happens when your hero really doesn't have what it takes to be that great mage or warrior? What if they are mediocre in most arts? That their only advantage was the little bit of conjuring they could do and their small stature? That their real art was archery and stealth, but their ability to … Continue reading

Prologue: Child from the Mountain (WIP)

Gidion tried not to stumble among the bodies. Seeing the cause of the trouble which plagued the village it only made sense as to why the child was left alone to die. If his assumption was correct, it had been sacked by an Orcish raid. What made little sense however was how many bodies lay around one small hut, barely a lean to, most of the bodies belonging to the Orcs themselves.